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Mutapa - Golden Bull

Given the investment hype doing the market rounds, it is hardly surprising that investment houses are alert to the “Golden bull” run and curious of where it is going. A strong appetite is developing for game breeding high return investments albeit the sceptics views’ of high risk bubbles .When considering nowadays volatility within bonds and equities markets , game breeding market can hardly be described as high risk .

At Mutapa we offer a variety of investment models which can be either tailored to investor’s specific needs and ideas or around smaller investor needs and ideas.

Investors can select one of the various types:

Owner leased camp – non-discretionary investment

The owner leased type investment, comprise a custom designed camp(s) for the investors’ exclusive use. It allows the investor total flexibility on choice of investment type, species and most cost and result effective resource utilization.

In this instance the investment decision making is strictly under the investor’s discretion. Mutapa’s responsibilities are the day-to-day operational game management on behalf on the investors’ at a monthly fee.

Owner shared camp –discretionary investment

The owner shared type investment comprise a shared camp between various investors and different species. It offers investors the opportunity to either participate on existing schemes or to start anew .

In this instance the investor cedes over financial and operational investment management discretion to Mutapa. The Investor selects and purchases the game breeding group from Mutapa’s stocks and share the off spring on equal basis .There are no further management or stable costs to the investor and it retains ownership of initial breeding group for the full investment period duration.

Innovative ideas

At Mutapa, your own investment ideas matter to us and welcome the opportunity to meet and discuss your own and other Mutapa’s investment concepts that are continually under review and upgrade.

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